Rapid business development

This service is developed in rapid pace. From idea to launch in four days.IMG-20141115-WA0002 While this is lightning fast compared to old business development it is in fact in line with new the new way of thinking about creating and using products. While this service is in fact operational it is not fully developed. This means the service and this site will change over time.
This does not mean I am unable to provide quality. The service is based on experience and knowledge gained through the years in a wide range of fields.

About me

I have always been interested in new techniques and while attending applied science.

During my education I started my first business in IT (in 2004) while this business is currently still running it has evolved over the years (as all successful businesses should). Focus shifted to evaluating the necessities for clients as the “best” technical solution was often either not feasible or not in line with future prospects for a client. At the same time 3Dprinting evolved from hobby to business, providing talks, demo’s, 3Dprinting for SMB’s without a 3Dprinter as well as troubleshooting on site for those with a 3Dprinter.